at Zoo Atlanta

Visit Zoo Atlanta and be a part of conserving the surrounding wildlife.
Zoo Atlanta is one of the most educational and inspiring places to visit near Atlanta. They provide many programs for kids and adults to learn about the environment and the animals around them. This provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the contrasting creatures we share this world with. Sharing being the key piece of detail there, we must learn to live alongside these animals and allow them to grow and flourish just as we do. Along with the educational programs, Zoo Atlanta provides many types of entertainment for visitors. The zoo has all kinds of rides and attractions like the zoo train being one favorite. You can ride the railway, exploring different animals within their environments and watching their interaction.

The endangered species carousel is another of the kids' favorite stops as they get to ride on the exotic animals. Entertain and educate while enjoying the sometimes unknown endangered species in the world. Rock walls, playgrounds, and slides are additional opportunities for our little humans to interact and enjoy their day here at the zoo in Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta also includes a petting zoo, allowing children to get up close and personal with sheep and goats.
Spending the day at the zoo can take its toll, so stop by one of the food and dining stops throughout. There are a myriad of eating options whether you are in need of a full meal or just a hearty snack to keep you going.

Within the zoo and attractions, you will find keepers that are constantly providing free talks to help educate how these wild animals are cared for. They are a great opportunity to learn about the animals at Zoo Atlanta. Watch the zookeepers as they provide food to our beloved animals within the park.

Enjoy an exciting day at the zoo and be sure to visit our gift shop. View the different toys and presents that children will cherish for years to come. Make a memory that will last with a stuffed gorilla or t-shirt and show your appreciation. Come visit Zoo Atlanta and see their efforts to conserve the existence of these beautiful animals.